If your business is going to upgrade the break room or you want to offer vending and coffee services to your customers, check us out! Gulftex Vending & Coffee Services proudly serves Southern Brazoria, Galveston and Matagorda counties on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Our experienced team offers full service vending machines, office coffee services, Micro Markets, water filtration systems and essential breakroom supplies.

Utilizing the latest in vending machine technology, Gulftex can customize a breakroom to fit your needs. Established in 1988, Gulftex and its team hold 100+ years of combined experience in the industry. We operate 24-hours a day to keep the equipment fully stocked. We provide off-site monitoring of the machines so that we are immediately alerted to malfunctions and low inventory.

The cornerstone of our business is providing excellent customer service. No matter when you call, you will be met with professionalism and a knowledgeable team that strives to find solutions to any problem. We are both licensed and insured to provide security and safety.


Meet the Team

Phil Sikes


[email protected]


When Phil was 6 years old, his family took a train ride from Louisiana to California on the old Sunset Limited Railroad to visit his grandpa. On that trip there was a dining car that had vending machines and Phil was amazed that with just a few nickels he could buy whatever he wanted! He never forgot about that. In 1975 he was told about an opportunity to work at a vending company as a route driver filling machines with all those snacks and drinks. He had been looking for a change out of the restaurant business and it didn’t take much to convince him this was the right choice. He loved the job, he enjoyed going into many different businesses, and meeting customers each day. Phil advanced quickly to supervisor, operations manager and district manager, which moved his family to Omaha. When the company he was working for decided to focus more on cafeteria business rather than vending, Phil’s job ended in Omaha. With the help of business friends in the industry, Phil heard of a business in the Brazosport area that was for sale. He knew he could make it work, so he moved to the area, found a warehouse with a small office and bathroom and began working 24/7 to create Gulftex Vending and Coffee Service in January of 1988. He actually lived in the building until his home sold in Omaha and his family was able to move down in August of that year. He was able to devote all his time to the business and got to know all his customers personally. He has grown from a small one man business to a franchise of Canteen, an international vending organization. Once his wife, Vicki and the kids moved to the area, they knew that this was a good area to raise a family. Phil’s kids worked often times in the summer at the warehouse as they were growing up, sometimes because they would get paid in candy! But it wasn’t until a few years ago that his daughter, Jacqui expressed an interest in working in the business. She had been working out of state, away from any family and Phil decided to bring her into the business. Since that time, she has married, had two children and brought her husband, Chris into the business. Phil loves that he can spend more time on the golf course these days or playing with his 4 grandsons, but the one big hobby he will always have is seeing the new trends in the industry and attending many of the national conventions both in vending and coffee service. He serves on the Texas Merchandising Vendors Association board. And he still enjoys his favorite cup of coffee at the office.

Jacqui Taylor


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Jacqui Taylor is the Vice President/Administrator for Gulftex Vending and is responsible for running all day to day office operations as well as Purchasing and Human Resources. As Phil’s oldest daughter she essentially grew up in the vending business. After graduating from Texas State University in 2004 with a BBA in Marketing she began her professional career in the rental car industry. During her 9 years in the industry she progressed internally from Management in Austin to a Process Improvement role in Portland, Oregon. In 2013, when her first nephew was born, Jacqui decided it was time to come home to be closer to her family and join the family business. The evolution of the business is what she finds most exciting. Vending has come a long way and continues to advance with new technology. When Phil decides it is time to hang up his hat Jacqui, along with her husband Operations Manager Chris Taylor, will continue Phil’s work as 2nd Generation owner. Jacqui is passionate about continuing to look for ways to use technology to provide a better experience for their customers. Jacqui and Chris have two boys (ages 2 and 3) who can frequently be found in the Gulftex office slowly learning the business. Jacqui’s favorite break time snack: Cheez-its.

Chris Taylor


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Operations Manager

Chris oversees all daily operations for Gulftex. He assumes responsibility for all areas of the company and is fanatical about delivering an outstanding employee environment, client and customer experience. Working within a family business, he values the time that he is able to spend with his wife and in-laws.  He is a believer in “perfect practice makes perfect” and works diligently, toward achieving a seamless quality of service for our customers.  He learned these traits beginning at a young age from playing hard nose baseball, to his love of playing the saxophone and soft skills learned in the restaurant industry. From Cafe Annice in Lake Jackson as bar manager when he was 20, to head staff trainer at both J. Alexander’s Houston Westchase and Perry’s Steakhouse in 2015. In his personal time,  Chris enjoys very simple pleasures; loves wine, French cooking, personal enrichment books and the occasional Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. He is a fan of Film Soundtracks, Jazz and Rock music.  His favorite movie director is Christopher Nolan and actor Daniel Day Lewis. Chris married his wife Jacqueline in 2016 and they have two children, Ben and Everett.  He is an official born on the (Galveston) island, “Islander”.

John Martinez

[email protected]

Maintenance Tech

John Martinez is one of Gulftex Vending’s most senior team members, currently working alongside Joshua as a Maintenance tech. John was born and raised in Houston and has been with Gulftex Vending for over a decade. The vending industry has been John’s home for around forty-five years.  He can recall, standing on a milk crate helping his dad fill vending machines as a child at the Texas Medical Center in Houston.  John has played various rolls through the years as a Branch Manager, Route Sales and Technician.  John has a strong sense of pride when it comes to customer experience and often uses his experience to assist with public relations. Seems he strides to position himself to help the organization in any form. Be that as it may, the main purpose is to secure a bright business future for the ones that follow.  John says it is a pleasure to serve the customers in our region. Meeting so many people and to see them happy with our products, services and state of the art equipment s so gratifying. “Personalized service and customer relations are what it’s all about.”

Away from work, his life has not been boring by any means. He likes golf, horseback riding, snow skiing, travel, fast cars, cooking, etc. John has facilitated a bible study group and is always there for his family. Helping others seems to be his calling now. It’s very important to have a purpose in both home life and work. Oh, and by the way, coffee is his favorite Gulftex product. He says it reminds him of the culture of wine: so many types of coffee bean flavors like so many wine grapes.

Erika Rossow

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Erika has been employed with Gulftex Vending & Coffee as a Receptionist for just over a year now. She has four years of previous experience as an Administrative Assistant.  She is polite and extremely capable with a passion for delivering excellent administrative support and customer service. Erika holds excellent communication and listening skills that allow her to communicate effectively with Gulftex clients and guests over the phone or face-to-face. Her roles include answering calls, responding to emails and greeting guests. Outside of work Erika enjoys spending time with her family, working out in the gym and reading. When asked what she enjoys most about working with Gulftex and what product she enjoys she states, “I love the Belvita Blueberry Breakfast Biscuits and it is an honor to be a part of our team and work alongside such knowledgeable, friendly and caring people who all share a passion for putting a smile on our customers faces.”

Mike Cantrell

[email protected]

Vending Route Sales Driver

Mike Cantrell has been a vending route sales driver with Gulftex since 2017.  With over twenty years of merchandising experience, Mike brings dedication and expertise to the Gulftex team that is truly inspiring. With an attention to detail that emphasizes customer service, he is a key contributor to the satisfaction of our ever-expanding clientele. As a route driver, mike enjoys the hands-on nature of his work and his daily interactions with the people we serve. As a husband and father, he enjoys his free time with his family and friends along with a healthy dose of live heavy metal. He is a valued member of the Gulftex team that we occasionally have to keep an eye on when around the Kit Kats!

Ernesto Mata

[email protected]

Vending Route Sales Driver

Ernesto Mata is a Route Sales Driver for Gulftex Vending servicing the Alvin and Galveston County areas.  Ernesto has been with Gulftex for just under two years and has proven to be hard working, dependable and has a strong sense of pride in his work. During his time with Gulftex, Ernesto has used his experience in grocery merchandising and management to ensure his customers are always well stocked and happy.  He works hard with his supervisor to accommodate any customer requests and that really goes a long way with our clients. Ernesto has been named Employee of the Quarter several times in the last two years. When asked what he loves about his job Ernesto replies “I really love the freedom and flexibility of the job, and working for a company that is supportive of their employees.” Away from work Ernesto enjoys exercising or trying to stay up-to-date on the latest tech. “If you ever find yourself staring down one of our vending machines and can’t decide how to curb your sugar craving you can’t go wrong with the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos or the Freshley’s Mini Chocolate Donuts.”



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